Welcome to the country of thousands of lakes and northern lights!

If you are interested in nature, exercise, outdoor activities, and unforgettable experiences, you would have a unique opportunity to participate in the Lions International Youth Camp in Finland in the summer of 2022!

Nature, Sports & Outdoor  Lions Camp Park  2022, Tammela, Finland

  • Camp Period: from 18th to 28th July 2022
  • Host Family: from 28th of July to 6th of August 2022
  • Age: 17 -21
  • Participants: 30
  • Language: English
  • Camp Fee: 100 eur

The camp program includes e.g. outdoor activities and various sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, cycling, athletics, team games, and hiking. Tammela’s nature has great outdoor terrain, and there are nice possibilities to do hiking, make excursions to the nearby terrain on foot or sit by the campfire in the evenings.